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Self-Inspection App

What is the Self-Inspection App?

National’s eSurvey Mobile Web Application is a cutting-edge, self-service inspection technology, that allows a policyholder to complete their own inspection on their home. This dramatically reduces inspection cost and delivers unprecedented speed to your underwriting workflow.

How does it work?

eSurvey is a mobile web application – there’s no app to download or install. It runs smoothly on any smartphone, tablet or mobile device with a cellular data or WiFi internet connection. When you order an eSurvey, your policyholder will instantly receive an email and text message invitation.

A link in the invitation will take them directly to the mobile application where they’ll follow a simple, step-by-step process to enter pertinent underwriting information, answer underwriting questions and take photos of their property – all from their smartphone or mobile device.

What are the benefits?

Cost Reduction

Current clients are seeing our eSurvey reduce their loss control inspection costs by 50% or more on completed surveys.


Policyholder property intrusion and related complaints are eliminated.


Information is provided first-hand, directly by the policyholder, rather than second-hand through an agent or inspector, reducing the opportunity for errors.


Average turnaround times are reduced from 10-15 days, to 3-5 days and often even faster.


Clients experience seamless integration with existing order protocols and inspection processes. If a policyholder opts out of the eSurvey, or ignores the invitation, it can automatically convert to a traditional field inspection and still deliver inspection results to underwriting within typical traditional inspection timeframes.

eSurvey User Feedback

How would you rate your eSurvey experience?


4.6 out of 5
(10,000 user responses)

Top 5 Reasons to use eSurvey

Can I see it in action?

Absolutely! We'd be happy to send you an information packet and demo video, or schedule a live demo online.

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