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National offers a full portfolio of inspection services, all customizable to meet your needs. We offer the following inspection report types:

Property Observation Report

A picture tells a thousand words. This inspection report includes photo documentation of the dwelling, separate photos of any visible hazards or deficiencies with the dwelling, as well as photos of any liability hazards on or adjacent to the property. Our custom scoring matrix is included, to help prioritize high-risk properties for immediate underwriting action.

Property Exterior ITV Report

This report includes all of the photos, data and scoring matrix in the Property Observation Report above, and adds a site diagram, along with structure features and materials, to generate a replacement cost figure and calculate the ITV percentage.

Property Interior/Exterior ITV Report

This report includes all of the photos, data and scoring matrix in the Exterior ITV report above, and adds interior photos of the dwelling, along with interior materials and finishes, to generate a more precise replacement cost figure. Interior access also allows identification of many interior hazards and liabilities that may not be visible from the exterior of the dwelling.

Property High Value ITV Report

This report includes all of the photos, data and scoring matrix in the Interior/Exterior ITV report above, and adds additional interior photos and data on custom features and high value components, to generate the most precise replacement cost figure available.

Supplemental Reports

We offer additional supplemental reports that can be attached to any of the reports above. These include our solid fuel supplement, roof supplement, Electrical, Heating & Plumbing supplement, Wildfire Brush supplement, earthquake supplement, and 4-point supplement.

eSurvey Self-Service Inspection App

Any of the report types above can be ordered as an eSurvey report, to reduce costs and expedite the inspection process. To learn more above our eSurvey product, visit our Self-Inspection App page.

To learn more about our complete offering of products and services, or to request sample reports, please contact us.

Business Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to expand across the country, we want to communicate our commitment to business continuity, while at the same time ensuring the health and safety of our employees and inspectors, and the communities our clients call home.